Staff Augmentation

IT Outsourcing

Cloud Engineering

Software Development Outsourcing

Outsource software development to focus on your core activities. Just tell us your requirements and get your software done in time without constant control from your side.

Cloud Engineering

IT Staffing

Get a ready-to-go or custom-hired development team and manage them on your own. We will provide you with the necessary tech talents, office facilities, and administrative support for you to concentrate on the development itself.

Cloud Engineering

Dedicated Team

Hire an offshore dedicated team that will integrate into your in-house team and work on your project only. Your remote developers will be a part of your company and we provide administrative, accounting, legal and HR support.

Cloud Engineering

Staff Augmentation

Fill the vacancies faster with tech talents. If you lack software developers in your area, you can hire a developer and augment your staff with remote employees.

Cloud Engineering

Offshore Development Center

Open your IT department to reap the benefits of as an outsourcing destination. Hire skilled tech specialists, get the office in a convenient location and time zone with all-round support from a vendor.

Cloud Engineering

Business Process Outsourcing

Increase the efficiency of your business processes and reduce its cost by using BPO services. Get remote front and back-office staff for part/full-time employment - assistants, researchers, accountants, service desk and many others.

Staff augmentation services: Our offerings

Our Staff Augmentation services are flexible, customized, and fully tailor-made for your niche business requirements.

Dedicated On-Demand Team

We empower our clients to recruit talented,
certified and experienced on-demand
employees for the timely completion
of the project.

Agile, Flexible Team

We will quickly and swiftly deploy
a temporary team for your urgent projects,
based on the specific talent

Pay as you go Model

We provide our clients with contractual,
on-demand workers as and when needed,
who will be paid based on projects
or hours.

Contracts & OKRS

We enable our clients to define and
implement the work contracts, OKRS
(Objectives and Key Results), and NDAS
for the selected employees.

On-Boarding Support

Our specialized HR team will handle all
aspects of the onboarding process
for the new employees, and help
them in transition.

Managed Recruitment Services

We will handle every aspect related to
HR Management for your business:
on-demand recruitment, profiling,
selection, on-boarding, & more.