Network services

Network services

Transforming enterprise and 5G networks is a must for every company replatforming their business on cloud and developing new solutions at the edge.

Reimagine networks with cloud innovation

By 2025, 80% of workloads will have been migrated from traditional data centers to the cloud continuum, across public, private and edge. Yet most enterprise networks are built to serve the needs of another era. Every company needs to harness cloud innovation and reimagine enterprise networks to perform in the world of cloud and edge, meeting demands for greater bandwidth, performance, and security.

UniSpark is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks. UniSpark is a leader in 5G engineering services, according to Everest Group. With our rich set of services that range from ideation to the design, development and operations, we can help you create a fit-for-purpose network that unlocks performance and unleashes business in multiple industry segments.

UniSpark works with organizations to help them explore the potential of 5G, from sustainability gains, to cost and productivity benefits, to the creation of new products and services.


UniSpark unlocks greater connectivity, performance and experience with the power of cloud-first networks. We design, build, secure and operate enterprise IT networks, industry OT/edge networks, and communication networks.

Enterprise IT Networks

Enable the Cloud Continuum through the design, build and operation of secure enterprise IT network solutions.

Industry OT and Edge Networks

Design, build and operate private 5G cloud networks for critical infrastructure to improve operational agility and customer experience.

Communication Networks

Accelerate 5G rollout for telcos, achieve ultra-lean legacy network management and launch new software-driven network services.

Network Security

Integrate zero-trust security across enterprise and industry OT/edge networks for improved resilience.

Network Managed Services

Modernize network operations through retooling and business process optimization, for greater agility and reliability.

How we work

With UniSpark, you’ll get much more than just a technical solution. We’ll help you develop the right operating models, governance and talent needed to successfully support your business strategy.

Assessments that help you strategize and evolve

We assess your needs and define a compelling business case for an optimized network solution that meets your growth objectives.

Intelligence for optimized performance

UniSpark’s intelligent platforms help you implement and manage dynamic, cloud-first networks, as you optimize and transform your legacy environment.

Pre-built 5G accelerators for rapid transformation

UniSpark’s focused investments in 5G, including our Cloud Native Automation System and Private Network Accelerator, help you innovate faster.